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Thursday, June 19, 2008

YoUr FriEnDs wiLL bE hAppY To kNoW

"Do I have to explain myself all the time? I am too tired of defending myself," a text message went. It struck me.

It continued, "You are surrounded by people who don't like me and those people who don't know me. The fact that it contributes why you don't trust me back. I have to endure it all the time."

It is such a pitiful thing for someone to recieve a message a such. But no one really knows the reason behind it.

"And it has been hard for me - to keep what I feel - because I am a very vocal person. I have opened myself to you and have made you understand why I act this way. I have been waiting for that time when the people around you would see me the way you do. But it all seems hopeless."

The message went on as if it will never end.

"I can't blame you for being rude towards me now. I do understand. I never left you hanging. I was just waiting for you to go beyond the box everyody has placed me in. I wanted you to trust me because it starts from there."

What a painful scenario.

Fake Sleeping

"I have been wanting to call you mine but you were too worried about what people has to say and of how they'd react to it. I didn't say I'm correct most of the time because I have flaws too. I am human."

Tsk. Tsk. The bitter reality of love.

"It struck me when you said, "Ever since." It only proves that you haven't gotten out of that box. That's why I have been holding back. We just had that talk two nights ago and it went well. But if you still see me the way other people do, with your reaction and with the circumstances now, I can't do anything about it anymore."

I love the last part. Trust me, I do.

It went, "Your friends will be happy to know."



Cheenee said...

ouch lagi ni! unsa man ni? is this true?

Lyka Bergen said...

ano itrek? Kalokah!

Mico Lauron said...

@cheenee: yeah. kinda true. but the message wasnt meant for me...

@lyka: hehehe! isang text message na hindi ko alam kung bat nagkaganun. hehehe! kaloka nga! :)

FLINCH said...

f-king shet naman. sa totoo lang, tinamaan ako dun. i could have sent that to someone. ouch. ouch. ouch.

Mico Lauron said...

@flinch: hehehhe! ganun talaga...