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Friday, June 6, 2008

i aM nOt aN anTi-cHRisT

For heaven's sake, being a skeptic and an anti-christ are two different things. I admit that I am skeptic about God's existence because of the errancies in the bible but it doesn't mean that I am an anti-Christ. Only a perverted-minded person would think of me doing such.

I have included some meanings in order for people to know the difference.


Skep·tic [sképtik](plural skep·tics) or scep·tic [sképtik] (plural scep·tics) noun 1. somebody who doubts something is true: a doubter of accepted beliefs 2. somebody who doubts religious teachings: a doubter of religious doctrines and principles 3. philosophy Another spelling of Skeptic [Early 17th century. < Skeptic ]

anti christ

An·ti·christ [ántee krst, ántī krst](plural An·ti·christs) noun 1. antagonist of Jesus Christ: an antagonist of Jesus Christ, expected by the early Christians to spread evil throughout the world, but then to be overcome by the second coming of Christ 2. an·ti·christ (plural an·ti·christs) opponent of Jesus Christ: a person or power opposed to Jesus Christ [Pre-12th century. Via ecclesiastical Latin <>

Now tell me, is being a skeptic the same as being an anti-Christ?!

I am not an Anti-Christ!

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