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Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Will Not Falter

I have been too silent for a long time. My thoughts have slumbered by itself unwilling to sprout. My words have been muted by certain circumstances that stop me from telling everyone how I feel about the world. I have been too scared to open myself again. Too scared to trust. My heart is fragile like any other glass slowly being tipped off and worn out by time.

I have thrown myself in a place where everything is new not thinking too much of the consequences that lay ahead me. I have been too stubborn and that has led me here where I am now. I missed home and the people I love. I missed doing the things I love to do - reading a book or two, giggling about silly nothings, crying my worries out until my eyes swell, fooling around with our dog, cooking my favorite food and even eating a simple meal with the person so dear to me. I missed all of those.

Now I am in a foreign land. And I know that this will surely be a long journey. But I will not fail. I will not falter.