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Saturday, June 21, 2008

kNiGhT iN sHiNinG aRmOuR

I go to this place like almost everyday and even end up staying late. Since this establishment came, I have enjoyed the people around it and those familiar faces I get to see almost everyday. But what caught my attention was this Manilenyo guy who visited Dumaguete City for a couple of days.


He has that smile no one has. Or maybe it was just me. I dunno. For several days he's been hanging out where I was. He had those cute chinito eyes which capture my being. (char!) It was funny because everybody who works there knows I like the guy so much - they even tried to find means of knowing where he stays for the time being - and what suprised me? He stays on the same Avenue where I go home to.

He was scheduled to go back to Manila today - place where I grew up - but due to some unavoidable circumstances (it rained so hard today) his flight was cancelled. I thought I'd never see him again. Well, I just did. Even got stolen shots.


I know this is just something I would feel for the time being. A feeling I know which would be gone after he goes back. "Just for now," so they say. It's nothing much actually. Not to be lingered on. I just like it this way. Makes me smile. Makes me look forward for tomorrow.


"Pag nakansel uli flight ko bukas, balik ako dito," he said, flashing a smile I would never forget. Like that of a knight in shining armour. I felt like a damsel in distress. (wahaha!)

Then I said to myself,

"Tsk. Too bad I don't know his name."


Lyka Bergen said...

Makinis sya. Yun lang.

Mico Lauron said...

@lyka: hahaha! yeah. yun lang un.

Myk said...

stalker? hehehe! sentimental blog u have here :)

Anonymous said...

agiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! wahahaha! Kaw ha... bega2x sa minimik! ahihihihi!!!

Mico Lauron said...

@myk: stalker nga ang effect. hahaha! hanggang tingin na lang din kase. hahaha!

@hopia: kadugay na ana oi... hahaha! he's just a crush. and after he left, that stupid feeling flew with him to manila. hahaha!