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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


ALBINO (the lone father of five, a widower)

When I was eighteen, my parents and I used to live in a small house situated opposite an old oak tree. The place was so picturesque, a Nirvana to one’s sight. It was as if the place was not altered by any human activity. It was heaven on the face of the earth.

As a young boy, I grew contented of what the Omniscient Being has given me. It made me realize that despite life’s enigmatic nature, one can still move on live life to the fullest. I started my pilgrimage in search for my fate.

Walking on through life’s path seemed to be exhausting. But seeing the beautiful sun perfectly pasted in the vast skies, smelling the flower-perfumed air and hearing the robin singing songs of praise slowly turned my exhaustion to excitement and my frustrations to longing. Yet, I grew skeptic and realized that the road I was trudging on was leading me to nowhere. Discontentment and forlorn enveloped my being that I began to perceive that I needed someone to share my life’s glories and turmoils with.

It was when I met Sandra.

Sandra, a girl born with a golden spoon in her mouth, was the only child of a rich couple working in one of Brunei’s sultan’s private-owned companies. School was fast approaching. Knowing that she owned a portion of where our humble home was located, I decided to befriend this spell-binding goddess. Somehow, I was hesitant of talking to her and seeking her out. Our friendship grew intimate as seconds turned to minutes, minutes turned to hours and hours turned to day. And months turned to years. Because of all the gutsy actions I made, it changed my life when Sandra and I became one at heart.

Soon, we graduated with flying colours. Her parents were against the relationship. They tried to separate us but love always prevail. They slowly understood that nothing could equal with the love she has for me. It went on for years and we reached the verdict of settling down and get married. Sandra was one of the top international investors during those times while I was a highly regarded lawyer. On the day of our wedding, oh of how I wished that day would never end.

She bore me five little angels who made me so proud of being a full-pledged father. I was blinded by it all. I never took in the meagre fact that existence was like a wheel – which we cannot hold on to something forever neither can we stay permanently at the pedestal. One has to step down.

One has to change. One has to move on.

On the tenth year of our life, Sandra was diagnosed to have brain cancer. Fear started to cloud my mind as if it was the end of the world. I began to foresee that one day she’d never be on my side again. I was stunned. As we hurriedly rushed her towards the hospital, I began to question the Divine with all the “whys.”

On the way to the hospital, seeing Sandra gasp made me feel pity towards the enchanting beauty of the girl I love most. Tears welled in my eyes seeing her struggle with the hopeful wishing that everything’s going to turn out right.

One night, when the world outside was sleeping, while the soft breeze swept each leaf of the tree, while the stars endlessly twinkled above the cosmic skies, she slowly opened her eyes and called my name. It was like that of an angel’s voice kissing my ears. Hearing her, I hastily went beside her. She smiled at me. Right then and there, tears began to fall from our eyes. She panted and tried to say something.

“I’m so tired.” she said.

“No. Everything’s going to be fine,” I replied in total disagreement.

She was weak.

She was pale.

She was powerless.

“Please do take care of our cherubims. I love you!” slowly closing her eyes and went back to sleep.

I did not understand what she meant at first. Maybe someday I would.

And on that night wandering at the twilight zone, after saying those lines, Sandra breathed her last and never woke up again.

Life is a constant struggle with ourselves and with the world. One has to face the fact that change is the only thing permanent. Though Sandra left our children and me, I know she is always with us. She’d always be in my heart and mind. I know one day we’d be together again for love views each day with eager eyes, with wonder and surprise, with fresh delight in simple pleasures.

Love dreams its dreams and dries its tears and though the busy years gather bright, enduring treasures.


leviuqse said...



yung lang...

hey mico why don't you submit your works to a publisher, open ang psicom sa amatures, and me mga bloggers na sila na napublished, try mo.

Richard the Adventurer said...

That was life all about... Learn to live in it... Adaptation lang 'yan...

Lyka Bergen said...


Jake Tornado said...

Splendid! You really have a penchant for tragedies.

Your stories flow from the heart.

All the love.

Mico Lauron said...

@leviuqse: am still thinking of that actually. hehehe! salamat! :)

@richard the adventurer: yes i totally agree.

@lyka: hahaha! inaaway ba ako ni miss lyka? :) i am still thinking of doing a book. i lack a lot of things pa when it comes to writing. and thanks for being great critiques. chak! :)

@jake: punong-puno kase ng tragedies buhay ko kaya makulay. chak! hahaha! maraming salamat sa pag apreciate. you write well too. and i lurv it. hehehe!

flinch said...

mico, grabe ka!

iba 'to. it drew me to a place i never knew existed. (chak! :D)

Kiks said...

this post made me smile. it made me appreciate you more.

you're good.

Mico Lauron said...

@flinch: ha?! ano daw?! hahaha! baka nasa ibang planeta ka na ha?! hahahaha!

@kiks: chak! taray! hahaha! maraming salamat po! hahaha! toweng!

ei kiks, salamat sa pagdalaw lalo na sa pag comment. it's a privilege kse for me na basahin ng isang KIKS ang blog ko... you're one of the best critiques.

maraming salamat talaga.

Miss Elle said...

wow. mico, you really are an amazing writer. :)

Mico Lauron said...

@miss elle: maraming salamat miss elle! :)

jericho said...

ang tragic naman. na-sad ako. maka-yosi nga ..;)

Mico Lauron said...

@echo: mesomething positive din naman sa bandang huli hindi ba? hindi naman maxadong tragic kse merealizations din naman xa after-all.

辣炒年糕Blue said...