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Friday, December 17, 2010

I Write Again

My thoughts have been muted for so long.

I was in the background.

Watching from afar.

Kept silent.

Standing still.

Keeping my words waiting to burst.

With all these, I write again.


Jake said...

A writer never parks his pen...

Welcome back and advance merry christmas!


Luis Batchoy said...

bring it on again... welcome back

Lyka Bergen said...

Urong Sulong ang pagbo-blog! I hope sulong na ng sulong this time... para may papatungunan.

(Tama ba ang Tagalog ko? chong!)

Mico said...

@ Jake: Have I been parking my pen too long?

Welcome back to you too and a happy yuletide!

@ Luis Batchoy: Thank you Luis. Slowly until my mind recovers.

@ Lyke Bergen: Oo nga eh. Kulang kase sa inspiration kaya medyo nag-aalangan.

What you mean is "para may patutunguhan?"

Ayel said...

Welcome back! Merry Christmas!

wanderingcommuter said...

welcome back po!

i bet, mas madami ka nang topic na gustong isulat!

Anonymous said...

And when are you writing again? Hopefully soon! Happy New Year!