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Friday, July 9, 2010


I have always wanted to have a brighter future - with all of my dreams coming true and all things I ever wished for would fall into place. I have been a child so optimistic about all these for so long. Often times, I go forward. I get amazed by what I see around me. It makes my feelings go galloping like horses not wanting to be tamed. I am bewildered because everything happens so fast. So fast that I don't know where I am and eventually, the downfall comes, I get stuck. I forget how to move forward. I struggle but I get fed up and tired which in turn made me settle for what is only beyond my reach. It made me stagnant.

Four years ago, I was wandering in the portals of a city I never thought I would relive my life - Dumaguete City. I was always fascinated by the thought that I have survived all the trials that came my way. It has enriched my knowledge, my skills, my discernment and my emotions. It was not easy. Looking back, tears cascade down my cheeks thinking of how I hate people, how friendships and pacts were broken and of how I wished things like those never had happened to me. Then, faces of those people slowly gush into my mind slowly filling my memory back again - the reason why I am always stuck in the past.

This is a come-back. A new beginning. My awakening from a long slumber. I was stuck in the past, but not this time. I have decided to move on. And yes, it is all up to me.

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