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Monday, December 22, 2008

siLenT PoeTrY

First Solo Painting Exhibition

"Awaiting" Oil on Canvass (65cm x 35 cm)



The saying that the youth is wasted in the young in not true of Precy Ann Cua. Watching her paint, you know she has not wasted the vigour of her youth. She becomes one with the brush that she weilds.
In "Silent Poetry," her first solo painting exhibition, Precy Ann celebrates her youthful experiences, experimentations in beautiful and striking colours. Her talent is quick to discern from the ease and confidence with which she combines colours and makes use of unconventional materials to serve her art.

"Looking at Me" Oil on Canvass (25cm x 30cm)

"Fake a Smile" Oil on Canvas (110cm x 140cm)

Precy Ann’s paintings show an adventurousness in expressing herself through eclectic means. Her use of symbols, images and pictures, whether or not to make a point, make powerful statements. Her kind of art demands character and understanding of the essence forms.

"Deeply Within" (Series of 3) Oil on Canvas (40cm x 60cm)

"Three Sides of Blue" (Series of 3) Mixed Media (40cm x 60cm)

"Green Window" Oil on Canvass (60cm x 80cm)

"Blue Tears" Oil on Canvass (60cm x 80cm)

"Silent Poetry" is a summation of her first attempts at expressing herself, following her discovery of what it means to be liberated through the medium of painting. And it was last 2005 when she began art studies under the accomplished Filipino painter, Fernendo Modesto.

"Kikay" Mixed Media (30cm x 30cm)

"View from the 17th Floor" Mixed Media (50cm x 40cm)

"Rain Outside My Window" Oil on Canvas (50cm x 60cm)

"Frangipanies" Oil on Canvas (50cm x 60cm)

Precy Ann compels you think and smile, for her works, which bear intense and expressive quality, are happy paintings, even her rendition of tears. They connect to the mind and the spirit. They are indeed poetry without words.

Precy and I in Boracay


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awesome paintings! they rock!

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