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Monday, December 15, 2008

LonG TimE

It has been a long time when I last made a post in my blog. I have been extremely busy this semester. And that I am busy working on with my Junior Solo Voice Recital. Preparing fifteen (15) songs is a tough job. I missed you guys! Thanks for always checking me out. I may not able to respond to you most of the time but be assured that yu are being thought of. I will be back soon. That is joke. That's an assurance. Just let me finish with this thing. I have until February 26 before deadline.

I missed you all!

I will be back soon.

I promise.


Kiks said...

good luck with the recital.

pakinig ha?

jericho said...

buong nobyembre ka palang wala. welcome back. goodluck sa recital. pahingi ng kopya .. hehe

Anonymous said...

i was beginning to worry. good thing you dropped by. anyway,i saved your number na. :) i deleted it lang sa message box baka kasi you'll be bombarded with messages from strangers. :D

good luck with that recital thing. ;)

miss you, mics!

Mico Lauron said...

Kiks: pagnag ka recording ako. hahaha!

echo : yup. nawala ako sa buong nobyembre after my birthday. nice to be back. And it's nice hearing from you.

flinchie: flinchie dear! salamat sa pag delete ny number ko doon. hahahaha! nothing to worry too much about. busy lang talaga ako. i will be back soon.

missing you all!

Kingdombuilder said...

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