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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

rAndOm ThOuGhTs

My mind has been blank for a couple of days - especially after my recital. I have been receiving text messages that I don't have what it takes to be a "PROFESSIONAL SINGER." Well, I guess that would be "SOME PEOPLE"'s prerogative. I won't question it.

Finals is on its toll and my mind has been clouded by thoughts - thoughts of assurance, of uncertainties, of hate, of love - and not even thinking about my exams. Jury went well to last Saturday. Piano classes? Nah. Gone.

I am nearly graduating and I hope NOBODY is going to stop me from doing that.

I miss someone.

I hate someone.

I have been deliberately busy with school the past months, with my recital, my LIFE and my FUTURE.

There were lots of DETRACTORS but to hell with them. Let God be their judge.

Some things are better kept than shared.

Amazingly, I am still alive - still breathing, still living - having all these random thoughts.


Luis Batchoy said...

We can not please eevryone. Do what makes you happy, recognition or none. Sabi ng Sex Bomb, kung ano ang nasa puso mo sundin mo, get get awww!!! Now smile!

kokoi said...

i watched your vid and i think you have a wonderful voice. to hell with the detractors! :)

alex said...


of course you're alive! haha

musta naman buhay buhay

i hope you feel better na

Mico Lauron said...

@ Luis: Yup. True. We can NEVER please everybody. But we cannot deny the fact that "pleasing" creeps into our veins like poison.

Ewan. It has been sometime. I should graduate. I am getting old. Not backwards.

I shall SMILE. Thanks Luis. =)

@ kokoi: Salamat sa iyong mungkahi. I tried auditioning for the Philippine Madz but i was so unlucky. So am just trying to finish my Bachelor's degree.

Ei, by the way, salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko...

@ alex: Hoi Alex!!! Tagal2x din tayong di nag-kukwentuhan. Ano'ng balita sa'yo?! Hehehehe!

I will be better. I do hope and pray.


Naniniwala ako na makakamit lamang ang isang bagay o minimithi pag itoy may determinasyon at pagpupursige kasabay ang buong tiwala sa sarili. Sa tingin ko ikaw ay ganun kaya sisgurado akong makakamit mo ang inyong mga pangarap.

Patuloy sa paglalakad at huwag mangamba sa mga balakid dahil yan ay mga pagsubok lamang!


lucas said...

wow...a pure-blood artist is in the blogosphere. hehe! i watched your vidz. and you can really sing :) (that's my prerogative) haha!

Mac Callister said...

wow u r a professional singer?

ok lang yan,just go with the things u enjoy hell with them you are right hehe.just keep on going.

Luis Batchoy said...

tagged you... enjoy

Mico Lauron said...

@BUHAY BAYOT: salamat sa iyong tiwala na ang lahat ng ito'y makakamtan ko din. S'ya nawa.

Salamat sa iyong mungkahi at komento. Totoong hindi natin maiiwasang may mga balakid sa ating pagdadaanan.

Kaya ko 'to dahil may mga tao pa ding naniniwala sa mga kakayahan ko.


@lucas: Thanks so much for believing in my talent.

I surely will try to do my best.


@Mac Callister: I dont have what it takes nga... hehehehe! I am still a Senior Voice Major.

But i will surely agree sa last few lines mo, "TO HELL WITH THEM!!!

@Luis Batchoy: Thanks! I will be posting it soon...

辣炒年糕Blue said...